InterCall Site (www.intercallsite.com) is a research-led media company serving the global communications market. Intercallsite.com is the ultimate communication source for more than 1,000 subscribers each month, leading the media sector in terms of traffic, content and reputation. InterCall Site produces targeted communications events including TelCan, as well as focused one-day conferences each year for cable, mobile and wire line executives across South America.

As part of the InterCall Site Communications Network (www.horizonmobiles.com), InterCall Site combines its award-winning online communities and a rich events portfolio with the industry’s most trusted TelCan to contribute to the only integrated business information platform serving the $4 trillion global communications industry.

With the power of this platform, leaders who build, deploy, finance and regulate next-generation telecommunication networks are able to make more informed decisions on emerging market and service opportunities. InterCall Site Communications Network is a division of Horizon Mobile (www.horizonmobiles.com), the global leader in technology media and business communication.

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Josef Jimenez the President of InterCall Site say: "Thanks to all those who have made possible that InterCall Site follows forward"


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